A T M S Advanced Technologies For Medicine and Signals

A T M S مخبر البحث في التكنولوجيات المتقدمة في الإشارة و الطب

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The ATMS research unit (Code: UR11ES79) was created in 2011 at the National School of Engineers of Sfax 'ENIS'-University of Sfax, Tunisia and directed by Professor Ahmed BEN HAMIDA.

ATMS becomes a Research Laboratory on January 2017 (code LR17ES10)

The originality of the research program proposed in this Laboratory ATMS consists in the creative association of interdisciplinary information allowing global optimization of modern metrological tools (measurement systems) which can only be designed by an additive compilation of knowledge various fields such as medicine, digital signal processing, microelectronics, remote sensing, etc.

The overall objective of the proposed research program is the development of advanced signal processing approaches and methods, utilizing new technologies in electronics and computer science, to improve the quality of data interpretation and analysis in applications in medical imaging for Computer Assisted Diagnosis 'DAO', in cyber health, in speech processing, in remote sensing, for embedded systems in biometrics and for the rehabilitation of certain human handicaps.

The ATMS research structure works for advanced technologies in the medical field and the field of signal analysis. The research program pursued within the ATMS Laboratory has developed several scientific and technical skills, particularly in the following disciplines:


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