A T M S Advanced Technologies For Medicine and Signals

A T M S مخبر البحث في التكنولوجيات المتقدمة في الإشارة و الطب

Advanced Medical Imaging Technology




Medical image processing is an area that is starting to grow in the research unit, and is considered the most promising if it is to be realized. These are advanced technologies in medicine.

The medical image exists in several ways ranging from the simplest such as the simple image to radius 'X' classic up to sophisticated modalities such as MRI, fMRI, PET, PET-Scan and their combination.

Faire un traitement d’image médicale nécessite une adaptation des méthodologies de traitement à chacune des modalités à part. Bien évidemment, certaines approches peuvent s’adapter à une multitude de modalités, mais des fois la modalité visée exige une attention particulière du point de vue méthodologie.

Several problems can be considered in medical image processing for a specific purpose that is obviously clinical. With the technologies that are advancing by the day, these issues are developing more and more and more complex to meet the various clinical needs. Such research can be combined with the advanced technologies of equipment so sophisticated that they are, and obviously participate in their development.

Among the targeted research activities, computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) is a rapidly growing field of research that offers outstanding analytical, diagnostic and decision support capabilities, in clinic:

The modalities thus treated are: EEG: Electroencephalography; MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, fMRI: Magnetic but functional MRI, PET: Positon Emission Tomography; PET-Scan: Hybrid PET and Scan image.

Advanced technologies for Medical Imaging
Audiovisual Processing
Intelligent systems applied to medicine
Modeling of measurement systems

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